Solve Strategic Challenges

Help companies solve business challenges by providing a new approach to innovation – through experiential learning, creativity and first-hand insights.

Intelligence – new, expert and lateral knowledge to inform solutions to the business challenge

Insight – fresh and first-hand insights into core and related challenge areas

Inspiration – inspire individuals and teams to generate new ideas and solutions

Enrich Customer Relationships

Engage with customers through tangible first hand experience in the arts and cultural arenas.

Creating Affiliation – make the brand more powerful, more sophisticated, and more ‘real’ for the consumer

Understanding – gain a deeper understanding of specific consumer groups, create on-going dialogue and gain direct feedback from them

Develop Your People

Create bespoke modules and courses to support the personal development needs of your organisation, based on art and design academic principles.

Drive Creative Thinking – help employees think creatively and take a more distinctive approach to problem solving

Embed a New Culture – educate and engage staff with new ideas and approaches, and bring a culture of co-creation and innovation to the organisation

Health & Wellbeing – develop and inspire your people as individuals and teams in their creativity and job satisfaction

Our curated learning experiences are developed on a bespoke-basis around the specific client challenge and requirements. Our work has ranged from designing a series of immersive experiences on the human senses, through creating in-house learning programmes to designing an engagement process to accelerate innovation for 300 people.

Our work is typically delivered in the following ways: Learning & Engagement programmes, Away Days, Innovation Workshops, Lecture Series, Symposia, Safari experiences, Exhibitions & Built Experiences, Hands on making and Retreats (away week).

We make ideas and concepts tangible for people, in order to aid understanding, imagination and innovation. Our learning experiences and programmes are immersive and hands on. They are based on art and or design principles and approaches and are created to stretch thinking in new directions. They include
expert and ‘behind closed doors’ insights on leading and emergent approaches that link directly back to the client topic.